ECHOZY Kyoto Kagaku 41900-019-USA
Ultrasound Examination Training Model

Upper abdomen organs with approximate-to-human echogenicities. State-of-art anatomy fullfills medical sonographers’ high requirements. Unique long-life phantom materials.

  • Inanimate tool for training of a novice or demonstration of technique by an expert.
  • Any ultrasound device with a convex probe can be used
  • Detailed hepatobiliary, pancreatic and other abdominal anatomy meeting requirement for excellent training.
  • Eight Couinaud’s hepatic segments can be localized.
  • Near real-size organs and structures.
  • Durable long-life phantom materials.

Embedded organs: Chest bones, lungs, liver (segmental anatomy, portal and hepatic venous systems, ligamentum teres and ligamentum venosum), biliary tract (gallbladder, cystic duct, intrahepatic and extrahepatic bile ducts), pancreas (pancreatic duct), spleen, kidneys, detailed vascular structures (aorta, vena cava, celiac artery and its branches, portal vein and its branches, superior mesenteric vessels, renal vessels, etc).

Materials: urethane elastomer

Echozy in use Echozy in case

41900-019-USA ECHOZY Ultrasound Phantom
(NO Pathologies)
1 Ultrasound Phantom "ECHOZY"
2 Silicon sheets & 1 set of positioning pillow
1 Talcum powder
1 Carrying case
size: 18 x 25 x 28 h cm, 12 kg
41900-999 ECHOZY abdominal training set Includes: ECHOZY set & ECHOZOU anatomical model
30 x 70 x 50cm, 20 Kg