Three Vessel Training Ultrasound Phantom ATS VES-3
Training tissue-mimicking phantom

The phantom model VES-3 contains an 8.0, 6.0 and 5.0 mm simulated vessel at varying depths. The vessels can be filled with fluid using a standard luer-lock syringe. The vessels are encapsulated in a matrix of rubber-based soft tissue mimicking material. The phantom has 2 scan surfaces to extend the useable life of the product. The Model VES-3 an ideal low cost means of perfecting your ultrasound guided vascular access techniques of vessels of varying sizes in depths.

Note: This product is a professional training tissue-mimicking phantom and has been designed as a low cost for a practical hands-on easy to use device. This product gives the practitioner the opportunity to learn and refine the skills required to master the technique of ultrasound guided vascular access, soft tissue biopsy and location of foreign bodies such as a needle, wood splinters, metal shavings or glasses fragments.

These are disposable training phantoms. During normal usage each needle puncture creates a track within the phantom. Ultimately, the number of tracks will interfere with the ability to obtain a clear image.

Three vessel teaching phantom kit includes:
  • Phantom with three vessels w/ luer-lock adapters and caps on all ends
  • 60 cc syringe packaged in a plastic flexible tray
  • Vessel sizes: 8.0, 6.0 and 5.0 mm at varying depths.

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