Breast Needle Biopsy Ultrasound Phantom ATS BB-1
Training tissue-mimicking phantom

Breast Needle Biopsy Ultrasound Phantom ATS BB-1

The Model BB-1 Breast Biopsy phantom mimics the appearance, touch and acoustic properties of the human breast. Combination of 5 and 10 mm diameter, cystic and solid-like tissue-mimicking target structures have been embedded randomly throughout the phantom.


This product is a professional training tissue-mimicking phantom and has been designed as a low cost for a practical hands-on easy to use device. This product gives the practitioner the opportunity to learn and refine the skills required to master the technique of ultrasound guided vascular access, soft tissue biopsy and location of foreign bodies such as a needle, wood splinters, metal shavings or glasses fragments.

These are disposable training phantoms. During normal usage each needle puncture creates a track within the phantom. Ultimately, the number of tracks will interfere with the ability to obtain a clear image.

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