String Ultrasound Phantom Kyoto Kagaku N-211

Ultrasound QA Phantoms are designed for assessment and calibration of ultrasound probes and other devices. Kyoto Kagaku original unique phantom material is stable and long-life and shows excellent homogeneous granular background reflection.

Nylon strings targets for image distortion assessment, axial resolution and angular resolution.

Urethane elastomer, acrylic, nylon

Acoustic Features:
  • Sonic velocity: 1440m/sec at 25°C
  • Rate of decrease: 0.57 dB/cm MHz at 25°C
  • Acoutsitc impedance: 1.38 Rayl at 25°C
Set Includes:
1 phantom each
1 carrying case each

Phantom Size:
19 x 22 x 7 cm, 3.6 kg

Packing size:
35 x 36 x 24cm, 6 kg
String Ultrasound Phantom Kyoto Kagaku N-211 Target Layout Diagram and Ultrasound Image