Gray Scale Ultrasound Phantom CIRS 047
For evaluating resolving power as a function of depth, size, and contrast

Introducing a new design using proven, patented materials to permit rapid visualization of gray scale resolution power at continuous depths from 1 to 12 cm. Model 047 is a single simple tool to assess resolution of masses varying in size, depth and contrast. The Model 047 is usable on all diagnostic ultrasound machines thus allowing user evaluation of gray scale sensitivity with a wide range of transducer frequencies. This phantom is an ideal training tool for learning optimum system setup and evaluating system performance.

Masses may be viewed with either a circular or elliptical cross-section. The mass diameters were selected so the volume imaged would double as the diameter increased. The gray-scale levels were selected to achieve a doubling in signal intensity as you move from mass to mass. The anechoic masses comply with the ACR accreditation program.

Patent Number 5196343
  • 21 Testing objects:
    Diameters: 2.4, 4, & 6.4 mm
    Contrast: Anechoic, -9, -6, -3, +3, +6, +9, dB
  • Depth of test object varies continuously as phantom is scanned literally
  • Scatter is controlled independently from attenuation
  • Carry case included
Gray Scale Ultrasound Phantom CIRS 047 Specifications

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